Obama To Host Weekly ‘Fireside Chats’ on E.I.B. Network


They say everything old is new again.  Well, another example of such a philosophy will be coming to radios near you next year, as President Barack Obama begins his new take on an old favorite: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s famous “Fireside Chats.”

The half-hour long show will appear weekly every Sunday, starting in January 2020, on all affiliated stations within the E.I.B. network, the same system that airs the Rush Limbaugh show.  Limbaugh is reportedly outraged, and has already suffered a stroke, heart attack, and three overdoses in the past week from the news.

The broadcaster has, however, lost enough weight to be weighed by only one truck scale.

The subjects of the chats will vary weekly, but already planned are monologues titled: “Trump – Fat, Stupid, and Incompetent, or Medically Handicapped”, “How Much Better I Was Than Trump Will Ever Be”, and “Nickleback vs Coldplay – Who’s More Disappointing?”

Did you know – if you go to see 50 Cent – and Nickleback is opening – it only costs 45 cent.

Does Obama fashion himself an FDR reborn into a new age, or is he simply using his post-presidential time to entertain and inform the American people he so cares about?  Tune in, turn on, and find out, patriots.