Michelle Obama Slips Up and Admits She’s a Man

Michelle Obama had a rough night last night while campaigning for Joe Biden. First, she made the huge mistake of admitting that Hunter Biden was a stoolie for Burisma. Then, she admitted that the Clinton Foundation was the driving force behind Epstein’s murder.

But that’s not the biggest revelation from the former First Lady. After being asked about “right-wing conspiracies,” she admitted that she is, in fact, a man:

“The people on the right are about as intelligent as the turkeys Barack pardoned in 2009. They’re dense. They will believe anything anyone tells them, as long as it plays to their biases. They believe Barack is a Kenyan and that Malia gets arrested all the time. They think an impeachment inquiry is a trial. They’re really that dumb.

“When it comes to me, they get really, really ignorant. They believe that just because I have an Adam’s Apple that I’m not a real woman.”

Sorry, Mike, but we can read through those lines. You just admitted that you have an Adam’s Apple.

Everyone with a high school education knows that makes you male. They don’t call it an “Eve’s Apple.”

With this information, the American people can now demand that she and her husband are arrested for lying to them for eight years.

We the people can demand they be held accountable for their high crimes and misdemeanors.

We will never back down from the truth!

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  1. Lmao. EVERY ONE has an adam’s apple. Hormonal differences affect the way that the larynx, and Adam’s apple, develop. As a result of these differences, a male may have a smaller larynx and a voice with a higher pitch. For the same reason, a female may have a larger larynx, a more prominent Adam’s apple, and a voice with a lower pitch. Educating yourself is important. Research is key. So NO, she did NOT in fact admit she was a man. Lol.

    • I beg to differ, Jennifer Sanchez. ONLY Males have Adam’s Apples. I’ve studied medicine in a few different disciplines. Females NEVER have Adam’s Apples. An ‘enlarged larynx’ is not and does not even look like an Adam’s Apple So there’s no confusion there. I respect and appreciate what you’ve stated above Yet… Put the Adam’s Apple together with ‘her’ Penis and she’s definitely a Man. ( in college she got breast implants. She is not transgender. )

      • I don’t know whether or not Michele Obama has a penis. However, it’s inarguable biology that an Adam’s apple is merely thyroid cartilage that becomes more enlarged/prominent in males after puberty. Womens Adam’s apples are rarely visible, but theyre indeed there. Political belief has no effect on biology. I would love to see what “different disciplines” of medicine has taught you otherwise, and I hope youre not so confident in them that you think yourself a physician.

    • Well you can see her dingaling on Ellen show too and also see here straighten it up on other videos too


  3. All Adam’s apple debates aside, I have seen the various videos and there’s definitely something bouncing around down there. Especially the one where they are coming out of the apartment and he shifts his package around through his dress. Most men would agree that they have made that same move on many a hot days to keep things from sticking to your thigh.

    That’s not to mention how he’s looking more and more like some aging blues man as the years pass on.

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