Michelle Obama Quietly Hires Hillary Clinton to Manage Her Campaign

While the President has been bombarded with false accusations of doing the things he’s already admitted to doing, Michelle Obama has been preparing for a blitz attack on a Senate seat.

Our sources in the field have discovered that Obama is already eyeballing the 2022 Washington DC seat the Democrats will have put in place after impeaching and removing Trump and Pence and replacing them with Pelosi. Democratic strategist, Art Tubolls, explains:

“This is politics, and Michelle has to be ready. DC will be labeled a state when we’re in power again and they’ll get 2 Senators. DC is one of the most Democratic cities in America. One of those seats would be an easy score for someone like Michelle.

As for the other, we haven’t ruled out Chelsea Clinton. The demise of Trump is really opening doors for us.”

They’re really going out on a limb by assuming that Trump will be removed or lose the next election. According to the President himself, he has a 92 percent approval rating, even with this new witch hunt.

According to the new White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gaston DeTater, Trump isn’t worried at all:

“We don’t really care. They can try to impeach, but the President has already made clear that you can’t investigate his crimes until he leaves office, and like it or not, he’s still in charge. At this point we doubt there’s any chance of a fair election, so it looks like the election won’t be certified before he leaves office in 2024 either way, if he decides to leave at all.”

That’s great news. We can always amend the Constitution later like they did for Teddy Roosevelt and Senator Palentine. Check and mate, Democrats. Just sit back and enjoy the freedom for once.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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