Michelle Calls Melania : ‘A Plastic Surgery Disaster’


Well, it certainly seems like the Obama’s new mansion just got a big delivery of Meow Mix.  Michelle Obama was invited to speak at an exclusive Women’s Action Conference last Wednesday, and took the opportunity to take a few potshots at the current First Lady during a question and answer period that followed.  The claws came out when Jenny Taylia, CEO of Gummi Bears asked the bestselling author what she thought of Melania Trump’s performance thus far :

“Am I allowed to day ‘useless twat’ here?  (Howls of laughter).  That plastic surgery disaster hasn’t even bothered to follow up on whatever the hell that ‘Be Best’ nonsense was all about.  Was it about internet bullying or something?  That’s pretty rich when your husband is literally the biggest douchebag on the web.  See, this is what happens Donald, when your Eastern European prostitute finds where you hide your wallet.”

Obama went on to address the myriad of social problems she worked to help and the programs she initiated during her time in the White House.  Noting that Mrs. Trump hasn’t even bothered to address the English language yet, and probably had “kidney issues” due to having a giant whale lie on top of her every evening.

“Sometimes, is to make me soil bed from too much pressure like bowling ball fall on toothpaste tube.”

This far, there has been no response from the First Lady to the jibes, but this could be the beginning of a war of words lasting into an election cycle.  We’ll keep you posted.