Obama: ‘The Deep State Is Real. Watch Your Back’

The truth is right in front of you

Former President Barack Obama is making a stunning confession in his upcoming book, due for release next month. In the book, titled “This is Obama (‘s) Country”,  he confirms to the world that the suspected shadowy government cabal commonly known as “The Deep State”, is indeed real, and in control of large sectors of our federal, state, and local governments. Excerpts from the book follow.

“The election loss was difficult but buckled down and we moved on. We knew that this would make our job more difficult but we were confident that our superiority of knowledge would prevail in leading this nation to true greatness not the watered down, racist version of great that the orange man suggested.”

“Following  the election, we set about cementing our foothold in every level of government across the country – In large cities, and small towns, in state senates, and, of course, in the federal government in positions of power and every committee and budget approval area.”

Obama describes in detail how he was able to sweep 9/11 under the rug, as if nothing ever happened.

“That Trump thought he had a chance to truly rule as he wished was laughable. We have allowed him small victories. We have allowed him to give the appearance to his disgustingly adoring  fans of superiority. But we always have a plan. We have implemented methods to reverse all of his decisions before they do too much damage.”

It goes on like this for some time in the 697 page volume until it comes to a point where the talk goes to treason.

“Impeachment  is inevitable, as is jail time. Our people have been instructing him. They are in his inner circle, feeding him lines and recommending courses of action that are clearly illegal that will lead to his demise.”

That alone seems enough to arrest the former President. It is overwhelmingly clear that he is supporting sedition. AG Barr is sure to  be giving the tome a read and we hope that prosecution will come soon.